LiveAudioDemo 5:01LiveAudioDemo 5:01
Poetry: Dalimir Stano & Ralf Thenior
Idea & Conception: Ralf Werner
Dalimír Stano: Poetry & Recitation (Kosice – SK)
Ralf Thenior: Poetry & Recitation (Dortmund – D)
Ľubomír Kepič: Keyboard (Kosice – SK)
Peter Beno: Bass & Composition (Kosice – SK)
Peter Suchansky: Drums & Percussion (Kosice – SK)
Martin M. Hahnemann: Acting & Vocoder (Basel – CH)
Katalin Kis-Rabota: Acting (Cologne– D)
Ralf Werner: Cello & Loops & Composition & Leader (Wuppertal – D)
Dirk Groenewold: Photographie, Video, Assistance (Wuppertal – D)
„minimarket SÜPERmarket HIPERMARKET futbol NEON PLASMA Aynur Haschhasch WEDDINGSTORE Park Otel MEYDAN KOZMETIK romantik sempatik engel armut HIPNOZ SABOTAJ“ (From: Ralf Thenior “Global Lingo“)

East.West.Lingo - two Ensembles in between Music, Electronic Sounds and Poetry. POETIC ELECTRIC from Kosice meets DIE KULTURTECHNIKER from sister town Wuppertal/Germany–a common project over adistance of 1419km.
Two elder Poets in their best years are sitting in the cheap “24hour.Lingo.Bistro”, surrounded by a badly paid international Electric Ambient Band. The poets are reflecting the situation of international language fragments –they are telling each other their “Global Lingo”: a collection of words between English and other languages, which they found all over the world.
It ́s hard to stand how the World Lingo goes –and sothe Electric Barkeeper Martin will serve a lot of drinks to the poetsDalimir Stano and Ralf Thenior. Plusthe band members will always beginto play their ambient grooves, full of colourful, sparkling and jazzy Fusion Sounds.
And finally surprise guest Katalin– a modern displaced person –tries to enter the scene of East.West.Lingo, off course without permission.
Ralf Werner, head of DIE KULTURTECHNIKER met POETIC ELECTRIC during their concert for Kosice European Capital of Culture 2013. He managed to find financial support for East.West.Lingo from the German region North Rhine Westfalia and so they now could create the Kosice premiere concerts. In 2020 the combined ensemble will play more shows in 2020 in Wuppertal/Germany and around Dortmund.

Ralf Werner // Osterfelder Str. 7 // D-42103 Wuppertal // phone +49(0)170-84 66 769 // email
Fotos: Dirk Groenewold, Dudo/Artforum & n.n./Tabacka.