Ralf´s Cello & Loop Lounge

Recent solo recordings by Ralf Werner - cello & loops & compositon
Listen to some experimental tracks // work in progress, to be continued.

Click the pics:

1. Heels 5:195:19 Rec 02-2021

2. Amsel Osterfelder [Remix] 4:084:08 Rec 05-2020

3. To those who were before [First Edit] 4:294:29 Rec 12-2020

4. Theme from Claire de lune (C. Debussy) [Remix] 3:463:46 Rec 02-2021

All tunes are recorded and mixed with Ableton Live on Pro Audio Notebook by Digital AudionetworX.
Both excellent companies of audio software and audio hardware are located in Berlin/Germany.

Pics by Frank Albrecht
- live in Bauhaus Dessau 05 Sep 2020